WTS Pictures

This here is the Westminster Bookstore. I should have taken pictures of the massive stockpile that they have, but I failed.

Here is Machen Hall- which houses the administrative offices. And where my friend Leah works.

The periodical section of the Library... very nice collection.


Foolish Sage said...

Hey, Robbie!

Nice pictures. Sorry we couldn't provide a sunnier day for your visit.

By the way, 90% of our massive stockpile is in secret underground silos, so you wouldn't have been able to photograph it anyway! ;-)

Mark Traphagen
Westminster Bookstore

Robbie said...

Mark, thanks for stopping by. Maybe next time then! Maybe ill bring a video camera to document all the silos.

I hope to be out at WTS, Lord Willing, in a year or two. We will see how the Lord leads.