My day at Westminster, Philadelphia

Yesterday Jen and I made the trek from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to visit Westminster Theological Seminary, where our good friend Andy Stapleton goes, and his wife, Leah, works. I spent 5 hours basking in the teaching of Poythress, Trueman and Tipton. I sat in their classes, Hermeneutics, Medieval Church, and Doctrine of Salvation 2 (Applied), respectively. With a brief tour of the campus, pictures will be posted on Monday, along with visiting the growing Westminster Bookstore. (I got In Christ Alone by Ferguson, Christian Apologetics by Van Til, and Making the Lord's Prayer Your Own, by Philip Ryken; Jen got How People Change). It was a good visit, since it was the first day of the semester I got a glance of the academic rigor of the seminary from the various syllabi and readings contained therein.

A good quote from Poythress,
"The Bible is a dangerous book. Look at the hardening of Pharoah's heart. Later Joshua calls the people to choose this day who they will serve. They chose the course of sin and idolatry. We choose everyday when he decide to pick up the Word, or leave it on the shelf. All of our study must be based on the Word and reliance of the Spirit."

More to come as I reflect on my time here.