Is it right to plant a church in an area where there are other healthy, reformed churches? I was asked this question earlier today, when a friend approached me, asking for my counsel and thoughts on the matter. I want to throw my thoughts out there and ask for criticism.

Assuming that the church planted was presbyterian in nature and the others in the area were as well, of differing denominations, I would have no problem with that. For the following reasons: It is proven that the best way to reach the lost is by planting churches, they are the most active in evangelism and building community. No church is perfect, the idea that one church got it right is wrong and sinful. People have different needs, and can every church reach and minister to every situation. No, of course not. We must remember, that while we are little popes with prideful hearts that want everything to be our way, Christ is King and pastors are only his stewards of flocks. Some flocks are in the same area, some are not. Elders must remember that other churches in the area have the same king, and not compete for turf.

In the end. If the goal is to "win souls" I vote yes. If the focus is to intrude on another persons ministry just because they have one. Thats wrong and sinful.


Less Become The :x said...

it's called differentiation. and it's a law of the market place. if a competitor can move in and benefit the area while supporting itself, then it is needed.

the key is to make sure the right benefit is being offered to the area. so the question should never be whether an area needs 'another' church, but rather whether it needs the church you're planting.

wish i had some scripture to put behind that though.

Robbie said...

thanks for the thoughts. The business perspective is enlightening here, goes to show not to throw all of business theory out when thinking about church, though it is not a business.

steveandjanna said...

On some level it is a matter of supply and demand. I can forsee a situation where you have several families attending church A but in reality they want to be members of church B as the latter is more in conformity with their beliefs. Church B starts a church plant for those people and they join. I don't have a problem with that, even though it's technically stepping on the toes of church A. The church exists for believers first and if church B is better suited for certain believers why shouldn't they be accommodated?