Why should there be a separation of church and state?

If there is confusion between the two spheres, the first being the church, the second being the state, then there will be confusion about the role of the church in the world. Our sinful hearts want to distort the church's mission in this world. God actively calls the church to save sinners and showing the world Christ Jesus in deed and word. However, the state is not defined in the enormous detail or length like the church is. God gives liberty for men to organize themselves in democracies, monarchies or confederations, just not theocracies. To think that the church's mission is to govern the land, is to think that it is our duty to spread the ideals of our country to the rest of the world. Sound familiar?

[thoughts provoked from The Godless Constitution: A Moral Defense of the Secular State]


sdesocio said...

Im guessing you have decided not to be RP then. Where are the photos from WTS?

Less Become The :x said...

what's wrong with Imperialism?

anyway, i just finished watching this film called Zeitgeist ( http://zeitgeistmovie.com/ ). this is one of the best attacks on religion i've run across yet. very thought provoking.

Robbie said...

they are in my flickr widget further down. I will put them in a new post. We will continue to see how the Lord leads, since I am taking 1,2 years off before seminary. (fall 2009, 2010) Right now I am leaning towards doing biblical counseling at WTS, I can still take several urban mission classes.

James McCullough said...

Surely the church has a duty to proclaim Christ the King? Christ is Head of both church and state. You wouldn't argue that it isn't the role of the church to stand up against abortion, injustice and legislation that flies in the face of God's decree but these are merely symptoms of something much deeper.
Our nations' rejection of Christ the King.
The current democracies of America and Britain place man as King and as thus is siful rebellion.It is the duty of both the individual christians and the church to proclaim Christ the King and therefore to seek his proper acknowledgement in the law-making process.

Robbie said...

I do not deny that Christ is king above all things. But to require nations as a whole declare such truth is unwarranted by Scripture. The bible only gives two accounts of Israel professing faith in Yahweh, but again Israel was the chosen people - the favored race by God. Such an idea only exists today in the church. Christ never tells us to do such a thing.

The only thing he says about state is "give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, give unto God what is God's." Never a command or lesson instructing us, as a nation, to confess Christ as redeemer and Lord.