the gospel attacking social problems?

(Keller's new book was released today!!!)

The ideology of the left believes big government and social reform will solve social ills, while the right believes big business and economic growth will do it. The left expects a citizen to be held legally accountable for the use of his wealth, but totally autonomous in other areas, such as sexual morality. The right expects a citizen to be held legally accountable in areas of personal morality, but totally autonomous in the use of wealth. The North American 'idol' - radical individualism- lies beneath both ideologies. A Christian sees either "solution" as fundamentally humanistic and simplistic.

The causes of our worsening social problems are far more complex than either the secularists of the right or left understand. We wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities! We have seen with the greatest wealth in the country (and sadly within the evangelical church itself). At the same time, there is a general breakdown of order- of the famiily and the morals of the nation. There is more premarital sex (and thus there are mroe unwed mothers), more divorce, child neglect, and abuse, more crime. Neither a simple redistribution of wealth nor simple economic growth and prosperity can mend broken families; nor can they turn low skilled mothers into engineers or technicians

Only the ministry of the church of Jesus Christ, and the millions of mini churches (Christian Homes) throughout the country can attack the roots of social problems. Only the church can minister to the whole person. Only the gospel understands that sin has ruined us both individually and socially. We cannot be viewed individualistically (as the capitalists do) or collectively (as the communists do) but as related to God. Only Christians, armed with the word and Spirit, planning and working to spread the kingdom and righteousness of Christ, can transform a nation as well as a neighborhood as well as a broken heart.