Yesterday I went out with a friend for some Chinese. As we were leaving the restaurant a little pamphlet caught my attention by the title, "Why are Millions persecuted for this?" This refered to a picture of a lady in a park in a meditative stance.

Why is a pamphlet like this doing around here? Upon looking at it more I find that it is a tract for religious tolerance. But what got me is a continual realization that the world is bigger than it seems. I can walk out my front door and meet some Jehovah Witnesses, I can think of half a dozen Kingdom Halls in a 30 minute drive from here. The fact is some of our neighbors are not believers, and I would venture to say that most are not. We can go to the local bookstore and we will find that half the store is into New Age, Yoga and Meditation. People are more into Dr. Phil instead of the Gospel.

In a culture that does not know Christ, do Christians know the gospel well enough to share it to their neighbors who think Dan Brown's account of Christianity is true? The last time I vocally shared the gospel with someone was this past summer. When I did so I had difficulty in sharing the Gospel.. I believe that it is because I do not preach the Gospel to myself as I should.


Notliberal said...

People are given different gifts, some are quite good at spreading the gospel, others have been blessed with other gifts. It's one thing for us to be able to share the gospel, such is usually easy enough. It's responding to the questions of people who have false assumptions about the faith or worse, those who go to wacked out churches that's difficult. You never quite know where they're coming from because it seems that every evengelical church has it's own form of insanity.

We can all pray for the day that God blesses us with a second Reformation I suppose. Lord willing, such will happen.