School starts on Monday, it has been a great 4.5 weeks but I am ready to go back. Any opportunity I get to see Jen every day is bound to be fantastic, but there are at least 6 other reasons why I am looking forward to going back to School.

Hebrew 201 (Duguid)
Minor Prophets (Moller)
Systematic Theology 2 (Schaefer)
the Vision and Values Conference: The deChristianization of Europe
Medieval Europe (Graham)
And an independent study on Covenant Theology under Duguid which i am taking with Gilbert (Score)

Though i must say, I slacked off on my hebrew too much that it wont be too much fun learning the Piel all over again right away. (Or worse) :-(

shma yisra'el adonai elohenu, adonai echad
Hear O Israel, The Lord Your God, the Lord is One
Deut. 6:4


Nate said...


We did meet at Meadville church.
That is great! I am glad that I have some connection to Rose Point.

I am really looking forward to coming this weekend. Can I have your email address. Mine is linked from my profile.