In my research into my family name (McFarland) I found their crest to be of this picture. Scottish Crest's are so fitting for men of that area.

Last night I was reading several biographical sketches on the Covenanters as well as some of the good ol'boys from Princeton. This has lead me to think more about the Killing times in Scotland regarding the presbyterians there in the 17th century. I know that RP's tend to focus exclusively on these moments, but meditating on the lives and testimonies of those who died for the Crown of Christ is very convicting. Not only the Scottish Covenanters did that, there were others who lived and who died for the Cross and that is just as important.
Athanasius though he did not die a martyr was one who fought the good fight and stodd against Christendom for Christ.
Then there are others like BB Warfield who challenged theological liberalism (especially on Scripture) till the day he died. J.G. Machen went against the apostate courts of Christ and magnified the gospel through the Independent board of Presbyterian Missions and the foundation of Westminster Theological Seminary.

There are many others, as I look around for some more sketches of the saints before us - It is my hope to put meditations of their life on here.


Nate said...


The lives of the saints is something that is very much neglected by the modern evangelical church.

We need to know for what our purpose these men and women gave so much.

From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya is a great book to start. It goes through the entire hx of the church and highlights many martyrs- many who have not been highlighted before (including a lot of women martyrs; another highly neglected area of research.)