24 and sermons

Dude, 24 was the bomb tonight... some serious twistage going on over at Fox... And i have no idea what is going to happen next.... Except that Jack is the coolest guy on television.

I found a sweet post regarding the moral issues of 24 by Nancy Pearcey.... i will link to it soon... You could seriously teach a high school class on ethics by watching this show.

But to the true purpose of this post.. I want to share with the world some sermons by several godly men. You might know but biblicalpreaching.info was revamped when they lost Dr. John Piper's sermons when they were moved to Desiring God. Now the website has the domain Preaching the Bible, at this website they still have Pastor Rees and Hughes, but they also contain the sermons of Dr. Iain Duguid. He is a great teaching and a fantastic preacher. I had him last semester for two classes and wow... every class is fantastic as he teaches the Word of God. (He even makes learning Hebrew a blast)

Some other sermons that are greatly edifying are by Dr. Joel Beeke at Sermonaudio. When I was on the road last weekend to Detroit I snatched my father's ipod and listened to a few of his messages and boy are they edifying. They made the trip fly by. I greatly appreciate his comments on Christ's mercies shown to Malcus when Peter chopped off his ear. Many times do we think we are serving the King and ushering in the Kingdom, but we are only hampering it.. Yet Christ shows mercy to us. Check this guy out, seriously..

by the way... do not forget reformedvoice.com - its a pretty sweet hookup


Nate said...

I have not seen 24, but I have seen and heard many of Dr. Beeke's sermons and lectures.

He is quite edifying. I am looking forward to meeting you this weekend.