When I was younger I got a happy meal at McDonald's once and the toy was a cheap transformer. That was the extent of my morphing car toys (I know... it is sad.) Instead I picked up legos. But I am glad that Hollywood did not turn my aquanauts into a movie and instead when with the cult classic, Transformers.

Being that summer is the seasons for movies, yesterday I went out with Jen to see Transformers. I looked forward to watching it since I saw the trailer. Short story - it was great. The transformers were not the main actors, instead brought Even Steven's Shia LaBeouf and Tad Hamilton's Josh Duhamel (Jen noticed that one) to the big screen. I appreciated this and brought more than just special effects to theaters, acting, plot and theme were all huge parts of the film.

Topics of this visual sermon included loyalty, friendship and commitment. There are negetive aspects as well, with Shia and his female counterpart being highschoolers you have some high school humor, but that only goes to show you the reality of the characters and helps people identify. And just to have that Hollywood element of teenage sensuality.

My kid sister saw it and loved it, so did my buddy Seth (the Mountain Man), so if my word is not good enough for ya there are two more. Harry Potter and Bourne Ultimatum are the next blockbusters to come, But I am not sure which is better of the three... Ocean's 13, Transformers or Live Free or Die hard as they are all in their own genre and world.