religious pluralism anyone?

On my commute to work this morning a nice blue bumber sticker on the back of a jeep caught my attention. One because it was very creative and i had to focus to make out the message, the other reason why it caught my attention was that it was advocating for religious pluralism, or relativity, pragmatic belief... whatever you know it by. I call it religious pluralism due to the influence of Harold Netlands book.

Undeniably American culture today is a realm of relativism, postmodernism, and pragmatic beliefs. Christians add to this confusion as we struggle to understand how to reach the culture for Christ's crown. A worldview like this is a direct challenge to the gospel message! It robs God of His glory and sets up man as god... no matter what the faith, religion, etc. All paths lead to heaven. It is a threat to the message of salvation... that mankind can only find redemption through Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Wouldn't it be a beautiful world if Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Judaism all led to heaven? Sure it would be, IF the focus was not on Christ or God's glory. GK Chesterson once said,
"I will not curse God for not having multiple ways to heaven, instead I will praise Him for having one."
Religious Pluralism and Universalism only succeeds and satisfies the mind if the motivation and reasoning for that worldview is misplaced in someone or something else other than God.

To close let me say that religious pluralism adds a lot of confusion to the spiritual scene. If all roads lead to heaven, is there a better way than another? Is Christianity the best or is Islam? Who is the author of evil in the world? Is it one of the gods, or a consequence of man's free will? As you think about it more, universalism and pluralism arise out of a desire to see all people go to heaven- no matter what the cost, even if it is at the expense of God's glory.


Less Become The :x said...

haha...yes, religious "pluralism" has arrived as a prominent facet of our culture. so what are you going to do about it?

denouncing it merely puts you in the position of a close-minded foundationalist who's too stubborn to change with how society is PROGRESSING. that's key, to understand that people view pluralism as the right and proper progression that society is moving in.

rebuking it gets closer to the solution. but all you'll show is how the other side is wrong. you've not provided a reason to move to your side. this is also key: once people realize you're not in agreement with the progression, they immediately feel like you're viewing them as an opponent or stumbling block in your way.

so you can't convince people. you can only live with them and pray. but in this day of relativism, making christianity relevant is the sole key to reaching people who see humankind as its own end. from there, it's only a short hop and a skip to see why God as our end as so much more fulfilling than humanity.