Church is for Sinners (pt. 3)

It is amazing God builds His church.

Ever wonder why the church grows? It truly is nothing short of a miracle. The other day I was sharing the gospel with a young lady and boom! She took every rabbit trail possible that I fell for. Yesterday I was giving the gospel message in chapel at the mission. It was my first time really giving an effort at preaching.. if we can call it that. Responses varied from sitting still to a few attentive faces. I guess that is what happens on any given Sunday in church. This makes sense though when everyone wants a god to fit in our god shaped hole in our hearts, yet people choose anyone and everyone else other than the true King of Kings.

Another miracle is that the church does not fall apart. I believe that anyone who understands sin and the heart of men believes this, and which is why grace is so amazing in biblical theology. It is God's precious grace and His love that keeps men from sin and idolatry even though we do struggle. Matthew 16:18 offers a great promise, "I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

You really do need to love the great sovereignty of God, specifically in light of how everything falls together despite of our sin. God is sovereign. Here is the beauty of biblical theology (Its commonly known as Calvinism). God ordains what we are all going to do, He ordained that I would work at Light of Life, my relationship with Jen, my love of rice krispees and orange juice, to my feet being tired at the time I am writing this. God's sovereignty and faithfulness to His promises is what builds the church. Not us, for we are sinners. Not the latest fads and trends in the church. Its all about Christ and the gospel. Its Jesus Christ Himself who brings people to salvation, not us or the preacher.

humbling isn't it?


Less Become The :x said...

i feel the word "sin" has become a church term that not many people understand thoroughly enough anymore. it hides through its brief statement that we are failures, that out abilities are faulty, and that we are despicable and wicked beings. it is not this magical "sin" that pushes us toward destruction. it is our wrongdoing and inabiities that drive us toward despair. and that despite our wickedness and failed attempts at righteous action, God keeps His church thriving.

i kept waiting for you to say that directly, but it never quite got there. then again, the focus is God and not us, so props anyway.

Robbie said...

Right on man, thanks for the counsel.. I talked about sin earlier on awhile back, here is the link. I should have referred to it immediately instead of assuming.