A Single Mindedness

Owen once remarked that it is the duty of every believer to kill their sin. Piper also adds that it is the duty of Christians to delight fully in God and this can only be done by killing sin. It is easy to slip into a daily routine where I go with the flow. I am passive and not active, not challenging what lies ahead. Consequently that can and does lead to sin. It is so easy to forget that Christians, little-Christs, are called to have a single mindedness - Where minds are focused on Christ. Everything we say or do is to complement our God's Glory saturated lifestyle. Is it not easy to forget this? You know it is true.

The Holy Spirit convicted me, as if I was hit by a Spiritual 2x4. You and I forget what it means to bear the name of Jesus. It is easy to wallow in our sins, to cry out to God yet later turning to our sins. Which only hardens our hearts more. But bearing the marks of Christ within us there is hope. God gives us power to say no to sin, this power is life. We are renewed from our old selves. And now the tables are turned. Old Robbie is dead and Christ lives. Do not despair if you wallow in your sin. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for the weary and heavy laden - it is for all men who want to cast off their struggle with sin.

If you do currently struggle with sin, look to Christ. Forget the methodology that Contemporary Evangelicalism offers you. Take one moment at a time and allow yourself to focus on the Cross, praying that your hardened heart, God will peel away like layers of an onion. Focus on Christ's Glory. (This is the only way to overcome temptation.)