Principles on battling sin

1. Not aimed at the external improvement of a personal; if this is done there can yet remain abominable sin

2.) Crucify the Flesh - You must starve the sin at it's roots as Crucifixion suffocates your breath

3.) Consider the enemy general's tactics (this is the one that I liked the best, and take it a different direction that Mr. Matthess did.)

Sin is an enemy, and Satan wants your head on a platter with your soul as seasoning on top. How often do you and I forget this? Every time we purposefully sin and grow lax in our walk with God, is my reply.

If you attacked your enemy tonight what strategy would you use? It is a no-brainer that surprise is useful, that you would exploit the known weaknesses of your opponent. You attack where he does not expect it (mis application of your time; where your guard is down, etc). This could happen in a number of ways. We need the Spirit's discernment to enlighten us in our defenses against Satan's wiles.

4.) Persevere in the Battle
Sometimes God allows us to be effected by the consequences of our sin to keep us humble
5.) fight sin from Scripture, define according to the Word of God
Hating Sin and Loving God are not the same thing. You could be a great giant for political activism for the eradication of abortion or sex trafficking but that does not equate to loving God.

6.) look for Scripture that helps you deal with Struggles