My King

A portion of a Duguid sermon on the first Palm Sunday. I found it off the web awhile back, and thought it fitting to hear God's word tonight before bed. I have the mp3 and can email it to you if you wish. Just let me know. (You will love it) - Excuse the poor Grammar I typed fast as I listened.

"Merely to be lukewarm about Jesus is to commit cosmic treason against the one who will reign forever. It is a dangerous business. But we who are Christians welcome Jesus not because we have to, but because we delight. We want to. For we know the cost of his kingship.

His humility went much further than riding a donkey, we know of a King who took off his own garments so he could wash his disciples' feet. For the sake of the people carrying a cross on ripped shoulders, and a King who collapsed under that cross, a King whose hands were pierced, a brow crowed with thorns. And a King crying out, "Why have you forsaken me?!"

We know a righteous one who was treated as if He were tainted by all manner of sins under the curse of God. We know that he was not able to save himself. And we know why this King did all these things. It was for my deeds! for my thoughts! my King suffered to save me!!! To remake me into His image!!! He was treated as the sinner, that I may be righteous, this was the only way to be saved.

We bow down in worship, not because we have to, but because He is worthy. A King whose throne is the cross, whose crown is thorns, a gentle, loving king. There is no other savior who can deliver you from yourself, your self-centeredness. Is this the one who you delight in and love to serve? Who else has cared for you? Who deserves your praise and adoration?
Do you recognize his kingship? Everyone will bow, not just those who follow Him..."