T4G reflections and Day 2

We stayed at the Holiday Inn 5 blocks from the Convention Center. Marvelous walk in the morning with 60 degrees and cool air. Breakfast was at the McDonald's, nothing marvelous. We discovered that one had to be there early in order to get good seats. It did not happen that morning, but I committed to doing so for the rest of the day.

John MacArthhur kicked off the day with a sermon on the Doctrine of Inability (total depravity). It was excellent and humbling, a biblical recognition that we are unable to do anything good, and even our best actions are worthy of damnation. (John Bunyan quote).

Next up was Mark Dever pleading with pastor to not seek an improved or kinder gospel as one does not exist and is mean. Excellent message. He examined what many try to do with the gospel (think Brian McLaren, Tony Campolo, and Rob Bell), showed their fallacies and presented a robust biblical gospel.

Sproul dominated the afternoon speaking on the "Curse Motif of the Atonement." Sproul explained that Jesus was forsaken that I might be blessed. God fulfilled the Maladiction (curses) on Jesus, whose work, that action brought the benediction to be spoken and fulfilled on me, the true sinner. This was the best and most convicting out of all of these.

In the afternoon was a survey of the debate in evangelical circles over penal substitution by Al Mohler. Good lecture, the most academic so its not enthralling. But a must to listen to, to be aware of what is happening in the church today.

Throughout the whole day (and the night before) the attendees were given 10 books, by the end of the conference I had 15 free books. The most meaningful was Dr. Schaefer's gift to each one of us Redemption Accomplished and Applied, by John Murray.