Books I want to read

Thinking about creating a home and gearing up to do that in just under 5 weeks is very daunting and I am inadequate - a sure sign that I need (desperately) God's grace.

A few books I want to read are:
"When Sinner's Say 'I Do'" [Jen currently is reading it, I'll go at it once she is done]

Making Room: Recovering Hospitality as a Christian Tradition [a review of which can be found at Drew Goodmanson's blog]

to reread - Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands: People in Need of Change, Helping People in Need of Change (have not touched this since biblical counseling 101 2 years ago)

And just for kicks - The Biblical Psalms in Christian Worship

[First I have to finish others first]


steveandjanna said...

No book is going to prepare you for marriage, if anything books tend to create an unrealistic ideal or a one size fits all approach to marriage. All you and your wife to be have to do is focus on obedience to God and focus on what God alone says about marriage. If you do that, you'll figure things out on your own pretty easily.

Christian hospitality is something that has been lost in recent years. My wife and I are very much believers in Christian hospitality, it's our family ministry I suppose. I can think of nothing that is more needed in the church today and if you and your wife focus on hospitality you will be doing a great service for God and His people.

Robbie said...

I appreciate your thoughts. My approach to boooks on marriage is the same in how I approach any book on "practical living." If I read a Bridges book, Owen, or others, it is the same as these are men who search scriptures and seek to apply God's truth to their lives. Which is what Harvey does in his. It is a remarkable work as he focuses on the fact that we are sinners in need of grace, and examines how to begin to live a gospel centered life. For his words - check out the videos on you tube on it.