November is crunch time

Just to warn my avid readers, this month is going to be insane.

Just a rundown. This week I am leading a discussion for my world religions class on Daoism and Confucianism. On Thursday I, along with my group, have to lead a presentation on these two religions. (They are moral philosophies instead of a faith.) Next week I have two papers due, which are simple book reports for my ministry class. Over Thanksgiving break I am hoping to go to Light of Life to serve there. Once I get back to school I have to write a paper on Augustine's epistemology and one on Messianic thought in Contemporary Judaism. Along with paper season there is always the need for editing – and I will read some sweet thoughts on media ecology. Somewhere in there I might venture out to Westminster in Philadelphia and see what they have to offer for a seminary education. Their prospective student date is Nov. 27. I personally really want to meet Dr. Carl Trueman. (Sweet author over at Reformation 21)

But around the web this weekend was a great article at the Desiring God Blog.

Piper writes: "If I were the last man on the planet to think so, I would want the honor of saying no woman should go before me into combat to defend my country. A man who endorses women in combat is not pro-woman; he's a wimp. He should be ashamed. For most of history, in most cultures, he would have been utterly scorned as a coward to promote such an idea. Part of the meaning of manhood as God created us is the sense of responsibility for the safety and welfare of our women."


An Eshelman said...

Come visit Puritan next. You can stay with Lydia and me.
Plus, there is an RP church here now that you can attend. ;)

Lisa said...

can i read your paper about messianic thought in contemporary judaism?

Robbie said...

Thanks for the offer, though I wont be going to PRTS> (At least not for an MDiv.) It has potential for a Th.M or something else - if i get into Historical Theology.

When the paper is finished, I will toss it your way. It is difficult because current Jews, generally, do not care about the Messiah any more. The only people who care are the ones who already believe in one. I am looking into this one Judaic author who has written 640+ books on Judaism... he is an old guy... a great scholar who is in a huge need for Jesus.

It is rather sad