Is gathering together for the gospel a bad thing?

DG Hart, over on De Regno Chrsti, wrote that Tim Keller has left the PCA. (who did no such thing.) Hart writes:

How else should we interpret his involvement in the Gospel Coalition. Co-founded by such evangelical heavyweights as D. A. Carson and John Piper, GC is a fellowship of churches that have come together for the purpose of “renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures.” GC plans to execute its promotion of the gospel through the ordained means of word and sacrament. “We intend to [serve the church] through the ordinary means of his grace: prayer, the ministry of the Word, baptism and the Lord’s supper, and the fellowship of the saints.”
The Gospel Coalition and Together for the Gospel are a very good things and blessings. Both proclaim the majestic sovereign God that we have and the precious gospel of grace, all the while recognizing that some who come together are baptists and others are paedo's. But that does not get in the way of celebrating the catholicity of the church. These organizations are a symbol of a movement to gather together for the sake of the gospel (not as structured as Acts 29, which has a PCA congregation in it). This goes against the grain of our natures, which is to go as reclusive and isolated as possible, lacking fellowship, community and accountability. This movement is to be encouraged and prayed for... that it would be a conduit for an evangelical and reformed reunion that we might be one, "as we are one." And the Gospel Coalition encourages that.

PS. You can read the article here
PSS. Keller was not the only PCA minister to participate - Phil Ryken, Ray Ortlund, Bryan Chapell, Harry Reeder, Scotty Smith, and several others went to participate. [All seen here]


sdesocio said...

I think what it points out is that Driscoll might be right Denominations are going to matter less in the future, especially when we are talking about people who agree on 98% of their theology. I think what we will see are people who are scared (Some of the De Regno Guys) and others who embrace the unity that is found in the body of Christ.
As Calvin says There are not two churches for Christ body cannot be torn apart. I saw Hart's article and decided its not worth the energy to get upset, but men seeking to make grandiose accusations, and stifle unity in the church.

Robbie said...

I was wondering why you did not post about it. :-)

Ditto on the Driscoll insight. The other night, a good friend was sharing with me, that he appreciates going to a congregation and knowing that they are living out Christ's love vibrantly, even though they might not sing psalms. I find that a tremendous blessing and a great mindset to visit congregations with.

I think the DRC guys have warrant to be suspicious, as with their years they have seen ecumenical movements, and they might see this as one of those. But that does not excuse the suspicion.

May we pray that we may celebrate our union in Christ now and tomorrow.

Lisa said...

harry reeder! he spoke at my sister's graduation! great preacher...