Sabbath thoughts on a Sabbath

Today is/was a big day. Jen and I began to review the Sabbath together seeking to unite where we diverge in our thoughts, convictions and understandings of this blessed day. We took turns reading a chapter each from Celebrating the Sabbath: Finding Rest in a Restless World by Bruce Ray. I will just say that so far I love this book. Ray brings great pastoral insights to this lovely subject as he writes to to an audience who "work hard five or six days a week and would like to know how God wants you to enjoy the seventh [day]." At the end of every question there is a series of review and reflection questions- I must say that a few are worth pointing out.

1.) Do I prefer a McSabbath over the real thing Do i Get upset when the sermon or prayers have gone longer than I think they should?

Ray comments, "McSabbath is here- worship services that are quick, easy, convenient and user-friendly. No muss, no Fuss. Little or no Sacrifice required. Consumers can be in and out in under an dhour. McSermons may not be as nutritional as the real thing, but, like Big Macs they have a predictable quality that fills a void at least for a while. The question is, however, do they fill the purpose of worship, which is to please God?

2.) How much of my thinking about the Sabbathis based on Scripture, and how much of it is influenced by the culture and society in which I live?