humiliation of sin

Kris Lungaard is his book, The Enemy Within says under the heading of The Medicine of Humiliation “Think greatly of God’s greatness. Thoughts that reach up toward the excellency of God's majesty are beautiful and delicious to the soul, but they come with unpleasant side effects. Even a hint of his greatness shows us up as a grasshoppers, dust, and "less than nothing" in comparision (Isaiah 40:12-25). No one wants to go out of his way to feel small, weak, and defiled; but this strong medicine gives us hope against sin. In this humiliation our sin withers.

We have a helpful problem in thinking of God's greatness: we can't do it! He is too much. Our puny minds can't take him in. And that helps, because it humbles us before him. Think of how little you know the God. Can you walk up to the edge of infinity and not feel vertigo? Can you stare at the sun and not go blind?"


Nate said...

I love this book... of course any Owen-esque book is good in my opinion!