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My dear Jen wrote a few very convicting words on the Holiness of God. She and I are reading the Holiness of God by RC Sproul together-Boy is it good. Seeing God as Scripture presents Him is humbling. We should not feel high and exalted because we are Christians. Check it out she has some enduring reminders for us as we seek to develop a more holy passion for God.

It has been exciting 7 days for us, as our good friend Leah is now engaged. She and I go way back.. we went to Middle School together. Her fiance, Andy is a first year student at the Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

I was blessed this past Sabbath by two very nice gifts. Two books by Anthony Selvaggio, from Pastor Selvaggio himself. The first one, dubbed The Prophets Speak of Him: 12 perspectives on Christ from the Minor Prophets. I am going to be using for a paper (very providential) on Zephaniah. The title says it all, these books are about Christ - Pick up and Read!

The other book that I was given was only published this year - and it only came out on the Evangelical Press Website this week! What does the Bible teach about Marriage is intended to be used for newlyweds, engaged couples, or for those who are courting. It is an applicable commentary on the Song of Solomon that brings to life how this poetry speaks to our romantic lives. I am definately going to be reading this one... hopefully soon.


Stephen Steele said...

Would be interested in your thoughts on the minor prophets one...it's on my 'to read' list. Also if you've any other minor prophets suggestions..?

Robbie said...


I will certainly do a review when i finish it - should be two months or so till that time. In the meantime anything by the evangelical press i find is helpful - especially in the Welwyan Commentary Series. There are some by Pastor Keddie and Dr. Derek Thomas in that series. I also have my hands on one of those books entitled, "balancing the books" by Michael Bentley on Micah and Nahum.