Fathers and Sons

Lately i have been impressed by what is being said by CJ Mahaney on the Together for the Gospel Blog. If you do not know about this blog it is a must see! Seeing 4 of the most prominent reformed evangelicals thinking and discussing various issues together is pretty amazing stuff.

The current conversation is about raising sons especially in regard to playing sports and a passion for church. Both of which resonate very close to my heart and it is good thinking material for me to dwell on as I think through the things my father and I did and also more so when i am going to have my own sons. CJ writes with humility and seeks to glorify God in raising his son.

5 major points that he makes to instill a love for the church are:
* Greeting--serve others by cheerfully greeting them. This also helps him put to death selfishness and overcome the fear of man.

* Serving--love for the church will grow as he serves in the church

* Encouraging--take special note of the army of folks joyfully serving each Sunday and express his appreciation to them. The Savior defines true greatness as humbly serving others for the glory of God...

* Singing--I want to see my son singing sincerely and passionately during worship. Singing is an appropriate response to the Savior for His amazing grace. A parent can discern a lot about their child’s heart by the presence or absence of participation and passion in worship.

* Learning--I believe in the importance of hearing expository preaching as a primary means of grace for the Christian. The preaching event must be a priority for our children. Therefore, listening carefully and responding appropriately to the sermon is very important.