An Amazing Gospel Truth

I am currently reading Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands: People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change for my Biblical Counseling Class and let me say that this book is fantastic. As a young man aspiring to be a minister of the Word it is refreshing to see someone bring the gospel of truth into discipleship and drawing an amazing picture of transformation in a believers life. The subtitle points this out beautifully, rephrased it could say "People need change and God uses these people to change His bride to be more like Him."

One point that the author Paul David Tripp makes is that Jesus Christ came to this world to bear our sins and to identify with us. That is the entire point of the incarnation! That is amazing... Jesus identifies with our sins. For example when we think that God cannot possibly relate to what I am going through the truth is He most certainly does! Jesus was tempted in the desert for 40 days and nights till He shedded blood. We might ponder where is someone we can talk to in the midst of a struggle and as we think about what Christ did on the Cross for us we realize that He was in exactly the same situation!! He was abandoned by all His friends (who were powerless to do anything) and even by His Father.

Think of not having either of your parents with you for a certain amount of time. There will come a time that young men will leave his fathers hosue to be one with his wife. But not many of us have a situation forced upon us that one of our parents or both are gone. [ a point by Tripp but expounded upon by me.]

This is one of the many amazing Gospel Truths in Scripture! Jesus Christ relates to everything I am going through (even relationship problems... His bride is the church and she does not listen to Him that much at all).


Going Under said...

It is amazing how Jesus picks us up when we are fallen down because of the worst of trials. He can because he has been through even worse. No matter how low we feel we have gotten, he has been lower than that. He can sympathize... such a weak word for what I am trying to say, but He does. Something to be counted as precious to those of us who are Christians.