Over the years several men shown love and care to me through giving me various books. Anthony Selvaggio gave me both of his (The Prophets Speak of Him and What does the Bible say about Marriage), Nathan Eshelman gave me Beeke's Meet the Puritans (with a John Hancock in it), Kent Butterfield gave me Keller's Ministries of Mercy. Yesterday another was added to this list. Matt Filbert gave me the Redeemer Church Planter Manual (by Keller) and Coaching Urban Church Planters. (by the Redeemer Church Planting Center). As I was perusing them today, I saw my lack of gratitude towards these men for their kindness. Selvaggio's Marriage book and Keller's book on Mercy Ministry are milk and meat for my reading diet.

I am sure Filbert's kind gifts will be too.