A little attempt at discerning The 300

Earlier this week I rented The 300.  A movie based on the historical battle of Thermopolae. King Leonidas and his 300 body guards against 1,000,000 Persians.  Leo chose a very strategic point to fight the Persians.  In the end, the Spartans died but caused the Persians to abandon their campaign.  

The movie was ok.... Most of the complaints about the movie is how it is almost entirely effects.  Which is true, as it was purpsoefully made that way in a warehouse.  But that is not my beef, instead I find an anti Christian message preached.  Allow me to explain...  

Persian heralds and emissaries praise their emperor, Xerxes, as the King of Kings and the Lord of Hosts.  This is biblical language, it might be a literary device just for arts sake.  But I am not entirally sure as the Spartans did not want to submit to this "King of Kings" as it would infringe upon their lifestyle.  Constrain them to a certain way of life and follow the Persian gods, but most of all worship the emperor as a deity.  At one time Xerxes is describing himself as a loving and merciful leader who only requires his followers to kneel, while Leonidas requires his to stand.  


Less Become The :x said...

good point. i feel that the film doesn't discuss fully what it means to be a man (which seems to be the central moral discussed in the film). so i'm in agreement with the film for the need of a man to choose his own lifestyle, but also in belief that if he truly wants to live a fulfilled life, he was choose what he submits to (preferably God.) the latter half of that was kinda left off the filmstrip.

sdesocio said...

No No No, I wouldnt take it as a boast, about not bowing to God, unless Jesus is all about getting people some action. Its the idea of tyranny. Though I doubt there was such a view of free men in spartan culture as was played up in the film.