Speaking to yourself

I am currently reading CJ Maheney's great book Humility: True Greatness (it is short so you can read it in a few days if need be). It is a convicting short read, with many good insights and built upon many champions of the faith. Mahaney quotes men like Owen, Bunyan, Stott, Dever, and Martin Lloyd-Jones.

One tidbit by Dr. Lloyd Jones that he referenes is particularly convicting to me; throughout the course of today I have been meditating on his counsel. Mahaney points out that we are Totally Depraved Sinners, and that we need Christ if we every want to be Humble. Pastor Mahaney forther points out that as sinners we speak sinful thoughts to our hearts if we do not look to the cross... The tidbit that i mentioned earlier is:

Have you realized that most of your unhappiness in your life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself, instead of talking to yourself?

One thing that i have noticed today is how true it is that when i do not preach the Gospel to myself, I am listening to Satan's evangelist that is within my heart, trying to swoon me over to him. To battle my sinful heart I must preach the Gospel to myself. This is a learning lesson that I have been grasping over the past few months, from working with Pastor Stivason, reading Mahaney's Living the Cross Centered Life, and even now as I continue to grow in Christ.